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The oceans are facing daunting problems, such as climate change, pollution and overfishing. If we continue to let this happen, not only the health of our oceans and its inhabitants keep suffering, but billions of people around the world will lose their livelihoods and food sources. Luckily, many people and organizations are fighting to preserve the oceans for future generations. Join us on our mission to bring together organizations and people that strive to preserve the quality of our oceans – and become an Ocean Witness yourself.

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Ocean Witness stories

Ocean Witness Emanuel

Peniche, Portugal

Our first Ocean Witness story finds its roots near the shore of Peniche (Portugal) where we follow Emanuel, one of the fishermen that changed his ways to contribute to a healthier ocean in the future. Peniche is an important harbor for fishery with a strong focus on the ocean for income surrounding the Berlengas islands – a MPA and UNESCO site. An important population of Goose Barnacles thrive in this coastal area. Read Emanuel’s inspiring story.

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Ocean Witness John

North Queensland, Australia

“I’m not going to go into all the threats and the pressures. But oceans are everybody’s business.” Ocean Witness John Tanzer on his earliest ocean stories and his outlook towards the future.

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Ocean Witness Alden

Pacific Northwest, The USA

“The visibility changed and the temperature changed. And when that happened the diversity of all the coastal tide pool regions went away.” Alden Glinert on the threats the ocean is facing due to pollution.

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Ocean Witness Rindah

Solomon Islands

“We have to protect the oceans and all the marine resources in the South Pacific, so that the future generations are still able to see all that lives in the ocean.” Rindah Melsen emphasizes the importance of protecting the ocean.

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Ocean Witness Tarusila

Bua, Fiji

“My advice to young people: keep the ocean good, clean and healthy.” Tarusila Veibi has some excellent advice for future generations.

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Ocean Witness Daniel

Maragogipe, Brazil

"They feel more confident and proud of what they do." Ocean Witness Daniel Andrade about his successful project in the mangroves of Brazil.

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