Ocean Witness Casper

Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

Casper Douma (42) is a freelance photographer from the Netherlands who moved to the Caribbean island of Bonaire six years ago. Together with his family, he enjoys the beach life on the tropical island. Casper makes photos on land and below the ocean surface, and also when he is not working he enjoys diving in the Caribbean Sea together with his wife and son to admire the beautiful coral reefs and colourful marine life in the area. Through his photos he aims to increase awareness about the importance of our natural environment.

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Ocean Witness Brenda

North Sea, The Netherlands

As a marine advisor at WWF-Netherlands, Brenda van Doorn-Deden (29) conducts research on MPA networks and the restoration of oyster beds in the North Sea. She is passionate about everything living below the ocean surface and spends as much time as possible at the beach or in the ocean. In her work she strives for a better balance between protection and a sustainable use of ocean resources.

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Ocean Witness Fongoh


Fongoh Eric (36) is passionate to save the oceans from plastic pollution, a dream that started to develop during field work trips with his geography students along the west coast of Cameroon. Through the foundation ICENECDEV he raises awareness about marine pollution and stimulates coastal communities along the West Africa’s coastline to take better care of the oceans. The foundation aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by organising educational campaigns, beach clean ups and other hands-on projects.

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Ocean Witness Kirana

The Atlantic Ocean

Sailing the Atlantic Ocean with eXXpedition Round the World, an all-female scientific sailing expedition, has made Kirana realise even more that we need to change our behaviour to improve the health of the oceans: “Every time we took a water sample from the ocean, we found many microplastics along with marine life”. Being out on the ocean for two weeks also taught Kirana important life lessons. Today, this passionate marine scientist from Indonesia tells her story.

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Ocean Witness Beto

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

When he was young, Alberto (Beto) Andrade was searching his place in the world. He found this place on the Galapagos Islands when he moved there from the Ecuadorian mainland. On the islands, because of his work as an artisanal fisherman, he realized that the world has a very big problem that is killing marine life: plastics. Therefore, besides his work as a fisherman, Beto works together with the community of Santa Cruz Island on a healthier planet for future generations.

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Sea of Women: III

Solomon Islands

Together with WWF, we’re putting women back into the stories of oceans. The people of the Solomon Islands, and especially women, are facing a threat to their main livelihood: fishing. Therefore, the Women's Saving Club encourages the islands' women to venture into other livelihood options, creating new opportunities and helping to reduce the pressure on the reefs in the Coral Triangle.

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Sea of Women: II

Coral Triangle, Maleisië

Together with WWF, we’re putting women back into the stories of oceans. Sea of Women II takes you to two unique places in the Coral Triangle, where women contribute to sustainable fisheries by collecting data and raising awareness about protecting marine life in a mainly men-run industry. A story of strong women in the planet's richest centre of marine diversity.

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Ocean Witness Miguel

Algarve, Portugal

‘I've always felt a great passion and attraction to the sea.’ As dive instructor and president of the Armação de Pêra's fishermen association, Miguel Rodrigues sees the importance of protecting and preserving our oceans. He works to instigate positive changes in his local coastline and community, and today Miguel shares his amazing story.

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Sea of Women: I

Coral Triangle, Philippines

Together with WWF, we’re putting women back into the stories of oceans, in the context of the richest marine environment in the world: the Coral Triangle. In the first out of the three stories of the ‘Sea of Women’ series, WWF emphasizes the crucial role of women in the fisheries sector and how they contribute to a more sustainable fishery in the Philippines.

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Ocean Witness Ariana

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Ariana Freire grew up on the Galapagos Islands. Now, 23 years old, she shares this biodiverse place with tourists in her work as a naturalist guide. When heading out with tourists, she frequently encounters garbage on the beaches and she notices that the number of fishermen decreases as tourism increases in the archipelago. These changes do not discourage but inspire Ariana; her passion for nature makes that she initiates beach clean-ups with tourists and studies environmental administration to contribute to healthier oceans.

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Ocean Witness Guido

Groningen, the Netherlands

As a PhD marine researcher, Guido is witnessing a lot of change in the ocean, from pollution to disappearing species. Drawing from his credo that knowledge is power, and based on his studies on sharks and rays, he seeks to advise on more effective conservation strategies that may lead to the implementation of new marine protected areas. This way he hopes to protect his beloved ocean.

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Ocean Witness Melvin

The Netherlands

“When we go on an expedition, it’s important to capture the iconic species from the North Sea on photo and film. This helps us to tell our story for a bigger audience via television and newspapers.” As an explorer, diver and keynote speaker, Melvin Redeker is committed to exploring, documenting and protecting his beloved North Sea. Together with his wife Fiona, they set up the foundation ‘In de Noordzee’ (‘In the North Sea’ in Dutch). With this foundation and expeditions, Melvin aims to educate, raise awareness and inspire behavioural change to protect and preserve the North Sea. Examples of In de Noordzee’s projects are the educational theatre show ‘De Roep van de Orka’ (‘The Call of the Orca’ in Dutch), and an elementary school education program. Starting small, he hopes to teach all ages how to take better care of his beloved North Sea.

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Ocean Witness Hartono

Wakatobi, Indonesia

As a part of the seafaring Bajo tribe, Hartono spends most of  his time on the water. As a fisherman, he’s witnessing how damaging illegal fishing practices have become to the marine environment. Committed to advocate for the ocean’s well-being, Hartono is a member of the Ranger Partner community and the leader of sustainable fishing group Sanggeh Kami.

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Ocean Witness Tika

Wakatobi, Sulawesi

“The ocean’s beauty inspires me to take good care of her.” Tika Sumolang lives on an Indonesian island and has cherished the ocean ever since an early age. Living by the ocean, and in her job as Marine Protected Area and Biodiversity Officer with WWF, she witnesses a lot of change in the maritime environment. One of the things she’s confronted with, is the severity and effects of plastic pollution of the ocean. Determined to turn this situation around, Tika is part of a community that connects residents and the local government to make a change for her beloved ocean. Today, she shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Tijmen

Hengelo, The Netherlands

Tijmen Sissing has been travelling the world for the last couple of years. He was shocked by the amount of polluted areas he encountered on his travels. Feeling the urge to make a positive change, he started to organize beach clean ups. He quickly realized he was able to mobilize others too and started the non-profit foundation ‘Trashpackers’. Read Tijmen's inspiring story.

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Ocean Witness Willem

Hollandsche Rading, The Netherlands

Willem Heijdeman lives in the Netherlands and has been witnessing a negative change in the ocean the last few years. He decided he wanted to be part of the solution and now dedicates his time to a non-profit organization (Duik de Noordzee Schoon) that works towards a cleaner North Sea. Read Willem's inspiring story.

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Ocean Witness Angélica


“We can take lead in recovering the health of the sea, but only if we do it together.” Angélica had been fishing her whole life, but stopped 8 years ago. Nowadays she works at an NGO to raise awareness among the fishermen, so that they respect the rules and protected areas. Because of her love for the ocean, Angélica works hard to make others aware of environmental issues. This way the generations after her will be able to enjoy the ocean just as much as she did. Today she shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Ayumi

Saba Bank, Caribbean Netherlands

“I am fortunate that the changes in the oceans have no direct impact on my livelihood. However, it does affect my work as it feels like you have to push harder and harder to preserve these beautiful ecosystems that many people depend on.” When Ayumi was 13 years old, she saw the pristine beauty of the Great Barrier Reef with her own eyes and realized that she wanted to become part of conservation and protect these great ecosystems for future generations. Nowadays she is proud to be the National Park Officer and Science Coordinator of Saba Bank National Park. Her work on Saba is of great importance: Saba is only a tiny island in the Caribbean, but with the third largest submerged atoll in the world and the largest atoll of the Atlantic Ocean! Today Ayumi shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Shimrit

Tel Aviv, Israel

“I witnessed the development of seawalls, breakwaters, marinas and ports replacing beautiful, natural coastal habitats.” When Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel started studying biology, she never dreamed of running an international company, but but her passion to make a positive environmental change led her to co-found ECOncrete with her friend Dr. Ido Sella: a company that helps build healthier urban coastlines. And hard work pays off: Shimrit one of the five awardees for the WE Empower Challenge, a business competition which honors female entrepreneurs (from each of the five UN regions) who are inspiring communities to act to create the world we want by 2030. Today, Shimrit shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Alex

Colorado, United States

“What am I going to do today that will make the world a better place?” Since Alex discovered his awe and fascination for sharks, he devotes his time to help saving them. In 2010 he founded Fins Attached, a non-profit organization conducting research, promoting conservation and educating people about the importance of sharks for the marine environment. Today, Alex shares his story.

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Ocean Witness Dorien

Schiedam, The Netherlands

“I think education is one of the most important tools of conservation.” From a young age, Dorien has been determined to save the oceans. She decided to respond to her determination to save the oceans by studying Biology and Oceanography. After her graduation, Dorien worked in places like Tenerife, to educate tourists about whales, and South Africa to research great white sharks. Nowadays she educates and informs the general public about sharks and rays at the Dutch Shark Society. Today, Dorien shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Lappies

Kommetjie, South Africa

“Knowledge brings change, empowerment and true understanding.” Jan Labuschagne - better known as Mr Lappies - has been teaching children about the ocean and its inhabitants for over 17 years now. Today our latest Ocean Witness shares his inspirational story.

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Ocean Witness Chris


“I never thought I could be working to protect our oceans for future generations one day.” Chris Johnson is a marine scientist with expertise in technology and science communications. He lives in Melbourne but grew up in the United States, where he used to read his grandfather's National Geographic Magazines and dream about unexplored seas. Years later, Chris and his team made dreams come true. For the first time ever, they managed to tag a minke whale to identify its feeding and breeding areas. We were fortunate enough to speak to Chris and today, he shares his story.

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Ocean Witness Marinela

Vlora, Albania

“People need to reconnect with nature – to feel the need and motivation to take immediate action. Now.” Marinela was born and raised in Vlora; a city where the Adriatic and Ionian Sea meet. She participated in lot of conservation initiatives to raise awareness of marine and coastal issues in the country. Today she shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Pavs

Cape Town, South Africa

“The first time I saw the ocean, I was absolutely captivated by the water. I fell in love with the ocean and it has been a love affair ever since.” Pavs grew up in Johannesburg and discovered her love for the ocean at the age of sixteen. She now lives in Cape Town - where she’s surrounded by two (!) oceans - and works for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) South Africa’s Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI). Her job is to enable and empower South Africans to make wiser and more sustainable seafood choices. We met her via Skype and talked to her about the ocean and the important work she does to conserve it. Today she shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Samson

Beheloke, Madagascar

“Take your responsibilities with courage and never think that you are alone. We are all in this together.” Samson lives in Beheloke, southern Madagascar, where he used to be a fisherman. By seeing the positive effects of sustainable fishing and octopus reserves with his own eyes, he realized his community had to change things. Nowadays he spends his time as the president of the LMMA (the Locally Managed Marine Area) and advocates for the good management of natural resources in his village. Today, he shares his story.

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Ocean Witness Jessica

Seattle, United States

“The ocean has become somewhat of a life partner. The more I learn, the more I want to know.” Jessica is originally from Seattle, but now lives out of her suitcase. After an accident, diving unexpectedly helped her regain her walking abilities and cured her. She then decided to devote her career to the wellbeing of the ocean and now she travels the world to research the human impact on oceans and how these impacts can be reversed and realigned. Today, she shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Kalani

Hawaii, United States

‘I would say that the ocean is reciprocating: it is giving back exactly what we have been doing to it.’ Kalani Quiocho saw the duality of life and death in the ocean and immediately felt a great responsibility and moral obligation to do something; to protect his safe place. Today he shares his inspirational story.

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Ocean Witness Verena

Perth, Australia

“We can only care for something when we are aware of its importance.” As a little girl her fascination for the ocean began as she started snorkelling in the Mediterranean sea and chasing the waves. Nowadays Verena is a Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia and strongly believes the important responsibility scientist have to communicate how climate and environmental change impacts the ocean and what we can do about it. Today she shares her story.

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Ocean Witness Christophe

Ankilimionga, Madagascar

“There I was, in the middle of the ocean, wondering how I could provide for my children if I could not bring back any fish.” Christophe belongs to the ‘Vezo’: the traditional fishermen tribe in Madagascar. He and his wife Sarah have adopted seaweed farming as an alternative source of income, due to decreasing fish populations and wanting to protect their beloved ocean. Today he shares his story. 

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Ocean Witness Tommy

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tommy Kleyn is the founder of Project Schone Schie, an initiative to clean riverbanks of litter and preventing this litter to end up in the ocean (80% of ocean litter comes from land). He has been organizing cleanups in the Netherlands and has accomplished many successes while doing so (his project went viral!). Today he shares his story and tells us what he does to make sure his children can enjoy the world the same way he did.

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Ocean Witness Hermany

Anakao, Madagascar

Ocean Witness Hermany was born and raised in a small coastal village in southwest Madagascar and the ocean has always been a large part of his life. He’s now the president of MIHARI (Madagascar’s network of Locally Managed Marine Areas) and not without success: already 17% of Madagascar’s seas are now under local management. Today we share his story.

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Ocean Witness Inga

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Inga is an artist, art director, digital designer and a proud mother of a 10 month year old girl. Originally she’s from Lithuania, but she’s been living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the past eight years. She recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help endangered penguin colonies.

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Ocean Witness Sandra

Cabo Manglares, Colombia

“By creating awareness for the problem as well as for the solution, we can find a way forward. Together.” Sandra Valenzuela about working together to preserve the oceans and the livelihood of Colombian communities depending on it.

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Ocean Witness Roziah

Omadal, Malaysia

She grew up in what most people would call paradise: Omadal, Malaysia. However, she’s been a first-hand witness to the ocean changing over the last decades. Roziah decided to take matters into her own hands and took on the responsibility of leading the Women's Association of Omadal Island. Roziah is our next Ocean Witness.

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Ocean Witness Fabien

Sipadan, Malaysia

“People protect what they love, they love what they understand, and they understand what they are taught. I believe that we all need to be Ocean Witnesses, so that we can give back to our future generations what we have taken for granted.” Fabien Cousteau about the global responsibility to take care of the oceans.

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Ocean Witness Peter

Suva, Fiji

"I am really glad that you’re doing this and crowdsourcing it, in a way, because it is not something governments or United Nations or somebody in another planet will do for us. It is what we all do as individuals, and as families and as communities." Today, Peter shares his Ocean story with us: past, present and future.

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Ocean Witness Emanuel

Peniche, Portugal

Our first Ocean Witness story finds its roots near the shore of Peniche (Portugal) where we follow Emanuel, one of the fishermen that changed his ways to contribute to a healthier ocean in the future. Peniche is an important harbor for fishery with a strong focus on the ocean for income surrounding the Berlengas islands – a MPA and UNESCO site. An important population of Goose Barnacles thrive in this coastal area. Read Emanuel’s inspiring story.

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Ocean Witness John

North Queensland, Australia

“I’m not going to go into all the threats and the pressures. But oceans are everybody’s business.” Ocean Witness John Tanzer on his earliest ocean stories and his outlook towards the future.

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Ocean Witness Alden

Pacific Northwest, United States

“The visibility changed and the temperature changed. And when that happened the diversity of all the coastal tide pool regions went away.” Alden Glinert on the threats the ocean is facing due to pollution.

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Ocean Witness Rindah

Solomon Islands

“We have to protect the oceans and all the marine resources in the South Pacific, so that the future generations are still able to see all that lives in the ocean.” Rindah Melsen emphasizes the importance of protecting the ocean.

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Ocean Witness Tarusila

Bua, Fiji

“My advice to young people: keep the ocean good, clean and healthy.” Tarusila Veibi has some excellent advice for future generations.

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Ocean Witness Daniel

Maragogipe, Brazil

"They feel more confident and proud of what they do." Ocean Witness Daniel Andrade about his successful project in the mangroves of Brazil.

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