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The world is changing, the oceans are changing too. Sadly, due to daunting problems such as climate change, not always for the better. Luckily, many people and organizations are fighting to preserve the oceans for future generations. Ocean Witness is created to give a voice to the individuals in this global movement. You can also be part of the solution – and become an Ocean Witness yourself. 

What is Ocean Witness?

Ocean Witness is a collection of real stories told by real people: the Ocean Witnesses. These are men and women that are (fully) dedicated to the preservation of oceans.

On Ocean Witness you can receive updates about Ocean Witnesses around the world. Follow the people that are affected by the oceans on a daily basis and draw inspiration from their stories. You can easily become an Ocean Witness yourself by sharing your story.

What defines an Ocean Witness?

An Ocean Witness is a person who is dedicated to have a positive impact on preserving our oceans. Everyone contributes in his or her own way: from sharing their story and taking part in a local beach clean up to making use of sustainable fishing techniques and setting up a homestay for alternative income. Everyone can be an Ocean Witness, as long as you are just as passionate and dedicated to preserve our oceans.


“Stories shape how we see the world. They give us a deeper understanding of the world we live in, our past and future. It’s these perceptions that shape our actions.”

How does Ocean Witness contribute to preserving our oceans? 

With Ocean Witness, we want to create awareness for both the problems as well as the solutions out there. By sharing inspiring and real stories from real people we hope to make problems and solutions more tangible – both for policy makers and the wider public. We want to bring these different people together on this platform to find a better way forward, together.

What can I expect from Ocean Witness?

Here you will find recent updates from Ocean Witnesses all around the world. Watch videos, read interviews and receive practical information on how to contribute to ocean sustainability yourself.

“An Ocean Witness: Someone who actively engages in the preservation of the oceans and seas for future generations.”

Behind Ocean Witness

Ocean Witness is an initiative of the MPA Action agenda, led by WWF, Conservation International and Rare. The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center is a partner of Ocean Witness.


Are you also inspired and do you want to partner up? Please get in touch: info@oceanwitness.org.

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